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Prague: Part Two

featured The plan for day two was to visit Prague castle and take a paddle boat on the river, before finding somewhere to eat. It was another scorcher, 30 degrees again. The walk to the castle was long, and uphill. When we finally got up there, the crowds were crazy! You couldn't move without someone getting in your way, which is why we decided to give up shortly after stopping to watch the changing of the guards!

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We got inside the castle, got our tickets to visit everything inside the castle and proceeded to our first stop, the cathedral. The place was huge, stained glass everywhere, but very touristy. It was like a production line of tourists just moving through the place snapping pictures. When we got out and tried to get into the next place, Ben couldn't find his ticket! So Beth attempted to get back into the cathedral to go look for it, but apparently you can only get in once... She asked a member of staff and they said they'd look. 20 minutes later and nobody had done anything about it. So furiously, Beth marched to the ticket office and asked what could be done. We ended up having to buy another ticket... At least it was half price though.

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After seeing a few more buildings, we were so hot we decided to get a cornetto to cool down. Then onwards to see more buildings whiched contained different items of clothing and armour over the centuries. This happened to Beth's favourite armour helmet, very dapper:

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Eventually we got through it all and headed back to the hotel to cool down and a quick break. It was 'OK' but a disappointment from when Beth last visited apparently.

We ventured out once more, on a mission to find a pedal boat. Mission acomplished after a short wait in a queue and handing over 250 CZK. We paddled around for about half an hour, before it started to spit with rain... TYPICAL. Ah well, a little rain never hurt anybody. We continued until our hour was up, and then headed out to get food.

We looked at many restaraunts, but nothing appealed to either of us. Czech food is so bland... We ended up having a huge burger and chips at Hard Rock Cafe. For dessert we ordered a hot fudge brownie sundae to share, turns out it was the size of a small bathtub. We didn't finish it, despite our best efforts!

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Back to the hotel again, after finding the John Lennon wall for Jodie. An early night ready for the drive to Krakow, Poland tomorrow!