Wanderings in…

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg


Our first morning waking up in Vianden gave us the pleasure of eating Pain Toast (or Toast Brot). We opted for this over the normal bread as it was almost a third of the price. How bad can bread be???

Actually, it was pretty damn tasty once it was friend with some olive oil and had baked beans(Heinz, obviously) poured on top. With our bellies full we made our way to Luxembourg City for the day (30 minute drive) and after driving round the same block of houses three time we found underground parking.

Managed to find a cash machine on the way in and came across these colourful umbrellas that were hung along the entire main street (Before you ask, we couldn't figure out why), BUT it made the street look pretty.

We needed to find our way to the tourist office so that we could get our Luxemburg Cards and tickets for the palace tour. We spotted at the other end of what we would essentially call a car boot - one man's trash is another man's treasure!

Scrammbling through the crowds we got the tourist information desk where a sign told us that guided tours around the palace in English were fully booked for the day. At this point (and this is in written by the Strop Queen herself) Beth pulled her first minor wobbler - she had been wanting to go on this tour as they only open the palace up for 3 weeks of the year to the public (the Duke and Dutchess go on their holiday). Benjamin, being the darling that he is, allowed us to go on a tour that day - the only issue being it was in German! Yes, it was going to get interesting and awkward pretty quickly. The tour costs €7 and the Luxemburg Cards for tomorrow cost €11 each (it saves us around €4-5 on the attractions, every little

Beth has always loved mooching through car boots, so after we got out of the tourist office we took 30 minutes for a browse before heading to the Casement Boc. Sadly we found no treasures!

Finding the casements was fairly easy, a short walk away from the car boot. Finding our way around the casements however was a different story... It was windy passage after windy passage! Unfortunately that's really all it was. Not a lot to look at really, we kept going and going expecting to find something exting or remarkable, but no. Just dim corridors of stone and the occasional window.

half half

Making our way out of the casements, we realised that we still had time to kill. So we found a place under a bridge to sit looking over the central part of old Luxembourg. It was during this time that it starting spitting and we had to make the decision to risk it or wait.

We decided to risk it, and that is when heavens decided to open and proceed to lash it down. We ran under a rather small tree, and waited and waited for it to go off.

Finally the rain died down enough for us to make our way to the palace for our german tour! Needless to say, Ben's GCSE german from 9 years ago didn't suffice (Yes, he just counted and it made him feel very old). He picked up on what rooms were, windows and various designers from all over Europe. But that was about his limit. Pictures weren't allowed to be taken inside the palace, so this is what it looked like from the outside.

After we got out it was still pouring it down, so we did the only thing we could do. Leg it back to the car! We scolded ourselves for not bringing an umbrella or coats on the roadtrip (perhaps we should of stolen one of the colourful ones hanging in the street!). It was a damp drive back to the campsite in Vianden.