Wanderings in…

Kraków, Poland

featured After a long drive to Kraków, with yet another stop-off at a McDonalds (and this time we got pink glasses) we arrived at Villa Zakamycze. The place was REALLY nice... We hit the jackpot, two unexpectedly nice stays in a row! Our bedroom was a fairly standard size, but the en-suite bathroom was HUGE. Somehow bigger than the bedroom itself. It contained two sinks, his and hers. A sun lounger (one of those bathroom necessaties) and a spa bath hot tub! Our little cute Welsh third-wheel Gareth gave us a giggle with his facial expression to the bathroom's interior.

half half

Well, you'd be a fool not to jump straight into the hot tub bath - and we are not fools (for the most part). We decided to show it off to both of our families too on Skype as we thought we were in the lap of luxury... and we were probably right for this trips standards!

After a long, prune-building soak we dried off and headed to bed as it had been a tiring day on the road. And of course, we had to get our beauty sleep to be beautifully morbid for Auschwitz tomorrow.