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Kraków: Part Two

featured This morning we skipped breakfast, because the woman running the place told us they forgot to say that we had to pay for breakfast. Even though it was their mistake we still had to end up paying £3 each! Far too much for what we had... Ah well.

We then headed to Kraków's historical center, we found an underground car park which had very useful lights above each space to let you know if they were free or not. Definitely something the UK needs!

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The setting reminded us of a mixture of Bruges and Prague. You could tell it was eastern European, but it had beautiful architecture, cobbled streets and (you guessed it) horse-drawn carriages!

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There were weird moments with some of the locals however, in the case of begging. Firstly when Ben was trying to get cash out at the ATM - a woman (who had a limp and seemed a bit rough) came up to the side of us, uttered something in Polish and persisted staring at us until we decided to walk off without meeting her gaze (she creeped Beth out a little). Secondly was when we found somewhere to eat, which happened to be a Subway as Europe don't really know the existence of sandwiches at lunchtime! In Poland they apparently allow beggers to come into their shops and hassle their customers whilst they are eating (we don't mind giving to beggers, but not when they have been able to feed a dog and/or afford tattoos, even we can't afford that!)

We had a quick browse around some shops, got the usual postcard and headed back to the car to move on to Ben's most desired activity: Grotgun Shooting Range!

Finding the place was a little hard, as it was a drive down a dirt road. Park up in a hotel car park, then walk down the side of the hotel into this wooden shed with loads of guns laid out on a table.

The guy we met was really cool, informative and a decent sense of humour! However as you'd expect, health and safetey was rather lacking at this Polish shooting range! According to him, if we had played Call of Duty or Battlefield before, we already knew most of what you need to shoot a gun!

As we all know, it's ladies first... So Beth started with a Glock, an Uzi, then an AK-47 and finally attempted the shotgun once, before wimping out!

It was then Ben's turn, apparently he didn't do so well! Much to his humiliation... To his credit, he took all of his shotgun rounds, as well as Beth's leftovers! Which left a nice bruise on his shoulder!

After shooting, we made our way to Brno for a quick one night stop before Austria.