Wanderings in…

Frankfurt, Germany

featured Our entire stay at Frankfurt consisted of only two components: being lazy and finding food! We probably would of explored the place more if we had the money to splash, alas a big city with shopping centers has no mercy for the poor folk.

And so, for 3 nights stay this is what was achieved:

The first day was a complete bed/rest day. We were pretty exhausted from travelling and camping at this point and we made the most out of having the luxury of a bed. When we decided that we should probably stretch our legs at some point in the day (it was 6pm and we hadn't left the bed), we chose one of the restaurants in the shopping plaza nearby called Alex.

Alex is a very nice, chic, modern restaurant which serves all kinds of good food. It's located on the top of Skyline Plaza, so you're literally dining between the skyscrapers.

We each had a burger and a drink, Ben with a beer and a classic steak burger. And Beth with the chicken ceasar burger and a cocktail.

On top of the plaza, there was also a large garden area, an area for children to play, ping pong tables and table football.

The next day was once again a bed day, but a little more productive from the last - we finally got around to start writing some more of the blog (we are aware there is a slight backlog and we are hoping to fix it at some point, apologies). The blog takes longer to piece together than people may realise... a lot longer than we anticipated too. On average it takes around 2-3 hours solid work to complete one blog submission (sorting through photos,photo editing, writing the bloody thing); time that we don't have spare very often, so when we do we make the most of it. We managed two submissions today, woo.

For the final night in Frankfurt we ventured again into the shopping plaza across the road and into the food court to see what wet our appetites. Beth chose a chicken kebab thing, and Ben had bolognese.

half half

With our bellies full, we headed to bed ready for the drive to Prague.