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Europe: Our Arrival

featured Today was the start of our big adventure!

The eurotunnel was a completely new, weird experience for Beth considering she initially thought it was literally a tunnel - you know, the kind that cars drive through! We were on the top part of the carriage and although it was a slightly queezy ride, it was quick.

half half

We got off in Calais greeted by a cloudy, grey sky. Ben had to quickly master driving on the right-hand side of the road (nerves were cranking up), but he handled his first and probably his hardest challenge straight off: A ROUNDABOUT Dun, Dun, Dunnnn. Luckily there were reminder signs everywhere to help us along:

One thing noted straight away when getting on the continent and driving was how flat the land actually is. Thinking we will miss the little hills of the Shire soon but it's making a nice change!

half width

We left Ben's house in Crewe around 7:30AM and got to Camp Memling, Bruges for 6PM (local time). The tent was up and ready in an hour and we went for a shower (and that will be Beth's final one here- she says the facilities are yakk, Ben however found them to be alright... Somebody has high standards...)

We're looking forward to tomorrow's plans: Belfry Climb, a tour boat, Books and Brunch lunch and a potential bike ride to Damme for pancakes.