Wanderings in…

Brno, Czech Republic

We knew that for £8.50 per night the campsite in Brno wasn't going to be glamorous...or anywhere near that category. We were right.

On arrival we were greeted by a large downward slope, one where every man and his dog has either trampled or driven across to make it the most slippery obstacle imaginable. And lucky enough for us reception was right at the bottom of the slippy mud pile (why it was not at the top beats us). We left the car up top and walked down to reception, which was actually just a wooden shack, two toilets, two showers and a few sinks.

This is where we met the campsite dog. It was a large black Alsation (with a Czech name we could not pick up) that was all bark and no bite. Quite a friendly fellow that followed us up to our camping spot upon the slope to watch us put up our tent.

half width

Whilst we were pitching the tent, the dog wandered off and thought nothing of it. Until we heard a rustling in the tent next to us... Turns out the dog had got a sniff of something and was rummaging around in the tent!

Next thing we saw was the dog wolfing down a pack of salami (including the plastic bag), and then ran off with some cheese! Ben ran to tell the campsite owner who was very thankful and marched up the hill yelling the Alsation's name. The dog scurried back down the hill with his tail between his legs (wouldn't mess with that guy either, especially when he was wielding a chainsaw moments before - FYI he was chopping down trees).

After that whole incident, next on our agenda was food. So we decided to have... dun dun dun... Beans on toast! Again. That is, if the bread we bought nearly two weeks prior had lasted... By some miracle, it had! Then we looked at the date on it, and it lasts for over 2 months... We'd have finished the holiday before that bread started to go off. That is some crazy long life German bread! Thumbs up.

That night's sleep entailed awkwardly rotating the mattress so that Beth wouldn't roll on to Ben in the middle of the night, due to the angle of the slope. It wasn't one of the best nights of sleep...

The next morning we were up nice and early. We both decided to skip this shower (for £8.50 a night reasons) and head straight to Vienna, where we would hopefully have a nice hotel and a proper bed.